Every now and again, money can get tight. There is no harm in looking for ways to cut costs, save money, and keep more cash in your back pocket. Here are seven ways to save money on your internet bill.

Threaten Cancellation

It doesn’t matter whether you would cancel your internet service or not; the provider doesn’t know that. Therefore, it’s in their best interests to do everything they can to retain you as a customer – including lowering your fees. Give it a go and see what happens – you may be pleasantly surprised.

Compare Prices

If you aren’t willing to use the threat of cancellation to save money on your internet bill, shop around instead. Compare the prices of various companies and see who is the cheapest. Ask your current provider to match or offer a better deal than another provider. If they won’t, swap to that other provider.


Not everyone needs a high-speed internet connection, especially if you don’t play video games or stream a lot of videos. Look at lower speed internet to see if it’s any cheaper – you could save a substantial amount of money.

Snag a Deal

Promotions are everywhere, but now’s a good time to pay attention to them. Find out what your current provider is offering in the way of deals and see if you can get a discount for a few months or longer.

Purchase a Modem

Did you know you are merely leasing your modem and that your telecommunication company is charging you a fee? To save money, consider purchasing your own. Savings will become evident within a year of your initial investment.

Hire a Negotiator

Sometimes you have to spend money to save money. If you’ve had no luck with your telecommunication provider, hire someone who will. Negotiation services can speak to your provider on your behalf, charging you a percentage of any savings they happen to make for you.

Bundle or Not?

You might think you’re getting a good deal with cable and internet, but you may not be. Consider how many of the included services you actually use and see whether separating that bundle may be more cost effective for your needs.

There’s no time like the present to try out these tips above and put more money in your back pocket.